All TFT Set 7 percentage table spreadsheets for Dragonlands

Know all the stats.

Image via Riot Games

Packed within the Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Dragonlands set are new traits, system changes, and Draconic Augments have adjusted existing percentage tables while adding new ones as well.

A total of six table spreadsheets within TFT Set Seven breakdown percentages at which items, gold, Orbs, and tier level Draconic Augments appear. Each spreadsheet was provided by game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer during the end of the Dragonlands set PBE testing. As with all TFT sets, these data charts are subject to change throughout the full run of a set, including the Mid-Set.

Any balance changes that adjusted the Set Seven tables will get updated following the official release of the patch.

Draconic Augment Set Seven tier table

Formerly known as Hextech Augments, there are well over 100 Set Seven TFT Draconic Augments. A majority of the Augments are now in the Gold tier, with the rate at which Gold tier Augments show up in a Draconic Augment Armory increased for the Dragonlands set.

PercentageFirst Draconic ArmorySecond Draconic ArmoryThird Draconic Armory
10 percentSilverSilverGold
Two percentSilverSilverPrismatic
18 percentGoldSilverGold
Three percentGoldGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldSilverPrismatic
Five percentPrismaticSilverGold
One percentPrismaticPrismaticPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticSilver
Two percentPrismaticGoldGold
Six percentGoldSilverSilver
Three percentSilverGoldPrismatic
20 percentGoldGoldGold
One percentPrismaticSilverPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticPrismatic
10 percentGoldPrismaticGold
One percentGoldPrismaticPrismatic
One percentPrismaticGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldPrismaticSilver
One percentPrismaticPrismaticGold

Here are the overall percentage rates of each tier at each of the three stages throughout a game.

Augment tierStage 2-1Stage 3-2Stage 4-2
Silver27 percent44 percentNine percent
Gold62 percent39 percent76 percent
Prismatic11 percent17 percent15 percent

Set Seven Treasure Dragon table

Replacing Raptors at Stage 4-7 is the Dragonlands Treasure Dragon Armory, offering players a variety of consumables, components, completed items, and gold. Players can re-roll a Treasure Dragon Armory any number of times, depending on gold levels. But once a choice is made, players must take everything offered.

Options that have “Blank” show that less is offered due to the power level of what is getting offered. Consumable within the table equals either a Remover or a Reforger that is offered. And TG is Thieves Gloves while “Duper” is Champion Duplicator.

Percentage rateOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
30 percentComponentComponentFull itemFive to seven goldFive to seven gold
30 percentComponentComponentFull itemSeven to 10 goldConsumable
15 percentComponentComponentFull itemComponentConsumable
15 percentComponentComponentFull itemComponentFive to seven gold
Five percentComponentComponent10 goldSeven to 10 goldFive to seven gold
.20 percentBlankComponentDuperComponentBlank
One percentComponentComponentComponentComponentComponent
.50 percentComponentComponentFull itemSeven to 10 goldConsumable
.20 percentConsumableFive to seven goldFull itemFive to seven goldLoaded Dice
.90 percentComponentComponentSpatulaSeven to 10 goldConsumable
.50 percentComponentComponentFull itemSpatulaFive to seven gold
.50 percentConsumableFull itemComponentFull itemConsumable
.20 percentBlank10 goldDuper10 goldBlank
.20 percent10 gold10 gold10 gold10 gold10 gold
.20 percentBlankFull itemFull itemFull itemBlank
.20 percentBlankTGTGTGBlank
.20 percentBlankSeven to 10 goldTactician CrownSeven to 10 goldBlank
.20 percentBlankLoaded DiceLoaded DiceLoaded DiceBlank

Set Seven Pirate’s Greed table

Pirate’s Greed is a trait option within the TFT Set Seven Mirage trait. After each round of combat, a chest appears that offers a variety of loot. Loot increases at each breakpoint of 2/4/6/8, with better drops occurring at the later breakpoints.

  • Two: Gain a deckhand’s chest (average gold of 1.6)
  • Four: Gain a lieutenant’s chest (average gold 4.02)
  • Six: gain a captain’s chest (average gold 6.87 and 25 percent chance for component)
  • Eight: Gain an admiral’s chest (average gold 13.5 and 30 percent chance for full item)

Two Mirage units

RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
One goldOne0.500.5
Two goldTwo0.360.72
Three goldThree0.100.3
Four goldFour0.020.08

Four Mirage units

RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Two goldTwo0.020.04
Three goldThree0.401.2
Four goldFour0.251
Five goldFive0.201
Six goldSix0.130.78

Six Mirage units

RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Four goldFour0.020.08
Five goldFive0.100.5
Six goldSix0.201.2
Seven goldSeven0.352.45

Eight Mirage units

RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Six goldSix0.000
Seven goldSeven0.000
12 gold120.506
Full item150.507.5

Other Set Seven tables

There are three other minor tables within the Dragonlands set. The Astral trait produces an Orb every fifth round while also increasing the chance of Astral units showing up in the shop. Bonus Orb stats have been changed slightly. And a new Draconic Augment called Mage Conference has a random Mage unit portal onto your bench after combat.

Astral trait Orbs

The content of the Astral Orbs changes at each breakpoint of 3/6/9.

Astral threeAstral sixAstral nine
Two gold at 85 percentAlways four goldFour gold at 65 percent
Three gold at 15 percentAurelion Sol at 5 percent
Item Component at 30 percent

Mage Conference

The Mage Conference Draconic Augment has a random Mage unit portal onto a player’s bench.

Pre-level sevenLevel 7-plus
One-cost at 70 percentOne-cost at 69 percent
Two-cost at 20 percentTwo-cost at 20 percent
Three-cost at 10 percentThree-cost at 10 percent
Zoe at one percent

Bonus Orb drops

Bonus Orb drops are broken up into Bronze, Silver, and Gold boxes. Champion Duplicator equals “Duper” within the tables.

Bronze bonus box contents

Three gold10 percent
three one-cost22 percent
A two-cost and one gold22 percent
Remover plus three gold2 percent
Reforger plus three gold2 percent
One three-cost41 percent
Duper plus one gold1 percent

Silver bonus box contents

Five gold2 percent
Six gold4 percent
Remover and five gold2 percent
Three two-cost30 percent
Reforger and five gold4 percent
Two three-cost30 percent
One three-cost and one two-cost25 percent
Duper and three-cost1 percent
Duper, two-cost, and one gold2 percent

Gold bonus box contents

10 gold10 percent
Spatula25 percent
Duper and five gold10 percent
Tome of Traits emblem10 percent
Two four-cost15 percent
One Dragon30 percent