3 of the best TFT Set 4.5 comps to play in Patch 11.1

Having these three comps in your arsenal will certainly prove handy.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 Fates Festival of Beasts
Image via Riot Games

The newest expansion for Teamfight Tactics has been launched on the PBE servers today with Patch 11.1 and eager players have already solved much of the mystery regarding which champions, items, and synergies are better than the rest.

Fates: Festival of Beasts is essentially an entirely new set. It introduces 20 new champions and seven new traits, meaning the meta will see drastic changes between Set 4 and its newest iteration, Set 4.5.

Here are some of the best TFT Set 4.5 comps to play in Patch 11.1.

Samira and legendary units

Image via TFTactics.gg

So far during the PBE testing period, this composition has been nearly unbeatable, teetering on the edge of completely broken.

Samira, one of the many new champions being welcomed to TFT during this expansion, has been released in the same overpowered state that she was in League of Legends just a few months ago.

The champion is extremely flexible with items and doesn’t rely on her synergies to output damage. If opponents are playing high-HP frontlines, then Giant Slayer works well. And if Vanguard frontlines are rampant in your lobby, consider building a Last Whisper. Tristana is a good item holder for Samira.

Similar to legendary-based compositions in previous sets, like the infamous Peeba comp, players can usually decide to play this if they come upon a strong early Chosen champion and go on to win-streak through most of round three.

A particularly great board to aim for in the early game is three Cultist with Sivir. If you can build a strong enough frontline or rush to six Cultist, then Sivir should easily be able to carry the team’s damage throughout the mid game.

If at any point you drop low on health with this early board or can’t find a Sivir or Chosen Cultist, then it’s best to pivot to another composition with whatever Chosen you can find.

Thankfully, there’s still time for the champion to receive much-needed nerfs before Set 4.5 hits the live servers.

Vanguard Mystic

Image via TFTactics.gg

The old tried and true Vanguard Mystic compositions are seeing a lot of success on the PBE servers at the moment.

Just like in Set 3.5, where TFT introduced a Mystic champion that could carry in Cassiopeia, Set 4.5 again reintroduces that concept, this time with Neeko. This means that players can build teams around the Mystic trait and not have to worry about a lack of damage output from their team.

This composition is as simple as it gets. Play four Vanguards and four Mystics with Neeko. Neeko should be itemized with mana items preferably and a Hextech Gunblade, or a defensive item like Quicksilver Sash.

This composition is somewhat easy to force, but should you come across a Chosen Neeko or an early Sejauani or Aatrox, then this composition can be played easily from there.

Vanguards and Mystics together provide so much physical and magic resistance, granting Neeko time to clean up entire teams by herself with her large amounts of AoE damage. Positioning is important for this team, however, and in the late stages of the game, it’s crucial to avoid burst damage that can instantly kill a poorly-placed Neeko.

Brawler Dragonsoul Shyvana

Image via TFTactics.gg

There are a few iterations of this composition floating around right now. Two of the most popular ones are the Six Brawlers with Chosen version and the Six Dragonsoul with Chosen version.

Both of these require Shyvana to be the primary carry of the composition. To win a lobby, this composition needs Shyvana to be three-starred, but it can comfortably take a top-four spot with just a two-star.

Quite reminiscent of compositions in sets one and two, these six Brawler teams suffocate the battlefield with their staggeringly high amount of HP, giving time for its carry to kill the opposing side.

Slapping a Warmog’s Armor on Shyvana early should get players through the mid game, so it’s recommended that an early Giant’s Belt is taken from an item carousel.

With an early life lead, players should then roll at level eight to find and two-star Aurelion Sol. Any leftover mana or spell power items should be placed on him.

Players can now test out the Fates: Festival of Beasts on the PBE. The official release of TFT Set 4.5 on the live servers will take place on Jan. 21.