3 of the best TFT Set 4 comps to rank with at launch in Patch 10.19

Place top four and rank up the ladder

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Comps
Image via Riot Games

The new Fates set has arrived in Teamfight Tactics and there are three decks every player should learn at the launch of Set Four.

Based on gameplay within the PBE server, leading up to the launch of TFT Fates, there are three builds that players should learn and gravitate towards when ranking up the ladder. Each comp was recommended by Challenger players K3Soju and JinxedJK, via videos that are well-worth taking the time to watch. 

Within Fates, the new Chosen mechanic plays a role in building the best comps. From playing your best board to placing in the top four of your lobby, players should be willing to transition to capitalize upon Chosen champions. From Chosen Aphelios and Warlords to Assassins hitting the backline, here are the best TFT Set Four comps to build. 

Chosen Aphelios Moonlight

Image via JinxedJK LoLChess

Once broken within PBE, Aphelios received a number of nerfs prior to the TFT Set Four Fates launch on Sept. 16. But as a Chosen champion, the comp is still strong and will likely land a player within the top four of their lobby. Aphelios is the main carry of the Moonlight comp and should have items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Guardian Angel.

Other items that work well with Aphelios are Blood Thirster, Spear of Shojin, Statikk Shiv, and Infinity Edge. Items like Hextech Gunblade and Luden’s Echo will not work on Aphelios. 

Players will want to make sure Sylas is one of the three Moonlight trait champions in conjunction with Aphelios, since he’s also a Brawler that synergizes with Warwick (Hunter/Brawler/Divine) during the late-game. A total of four Hunters in conjunction with the Moonlight trait pop the comp off, specifically with Kindred and Ashe. 

Running two Assassins with Diana (Moonlight) and Talon (Enlightened Assassin) is another viable option. The comp also synergizes well with champions like Irelia (Divine/Enlightened/Adept) and Shen (Ninja/Adept/Mystic). 


Image via K3Soju LoLChess

Assassins are very strong during the early-game but tend to fall off in the late-game, providing inconsistent results. Building around Talon with an emphasis on the Enlightened trait helps produce consistent top-four finishes. Talon as a main carry is also flexible with items, although Blood Thirster and Infinity Edge work best. Morgana is also a viable carry, utilizing Morellonomicon and Dragon Claw.  

Often overlooked in Enlightened comps is Cassiopeia (Dusk/Mystic), a strong frontline champion whose damage scales with her AP. When Cassiopeia is positioned on the frontline, her spell can reach an opponent’s backline. Top items for Cassiopeia include Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, and Ionic Spark. 

Irelia and Janna are the other two Enlightened champions, while Akali is likely the best Assassin to pair with Talon. A majority of the champions within the Enlightened build are four-costs, meaning an alternative early-game strategy is needed. Cultists work well, utilizing Pyke for Assassin synergy, in conjunction with Nami and Janna for Enlightened.


Image via JinxedJK LoLChess

Warlord needs a Chosen champion to fully succeed, preferably a Garen, but Nidalee will work well too. Both are one-cost champs that will have to get three-stared, or the comp gets trampled over by opponents in the late-game. Nidalee is replaceable during the late-game with Azir if unable to three-star her. 

Katarina is the main carry in the Warlord comp, utilizing items such as Hextech Gunblade and Quicksilver. Jeweled Gauntlet is another item that works well on the Assassin Warlord, along with Frozen Heart. 

Often overlooked while putting together the Warlord comp are champions Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV. Able to hit an opponent’s backline without restrictions, Jarvan is a key champion during the mid-game stages. And Xin Zhao is a solid tank, who when paired with Duelist is strong during the early and mid-game stages. 

Cassiopeia and Riven are two ideal Dusk champions that synergize well with six Warlord builds. Riven and Jarvan both create shields from the Keeper trait, and should get placed next to one another. And much like the Enlightned build, Cassiopeia works best when on the frontline with Garen.