YouTube, Twitch viewership grew slightly in July as non-English-speaking streamers dominate charts

Ibai and Gaules were near the top.

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YouTube Gaming and Twitch saw slight viewership growth throughout the month of July as non-English streamers dominated both platforms.

Since March 2022’s highs of over 2 billion watch hours, viewership in streaming has been trending downward since then. However, according to data from, StreamElement’s analytics partner, the month of July saw very slight growth in viewership for both Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Twitch’s viewership saw a 2 percent bump while YouTube Gaming increased by 0.7 percent from June to July that can largely be attributed to July having an extra day than June. That upward movement did not hold true for Facebook Gaming, although, their 0.2 percent decrease is relatively insignificant.

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One of the biggest discoveries throughout the month of July was the breakthrough of non-English-speaking streamers at the top of both YouTube Gaming and Twitch. Both Gaules and Ibai held top spots at different points throughout 2022, whereas Ibai was at the top in June 2022

Throughout July, half of the top 10 streamers were Latin American as the influence of the Spanish and Portuguese languages has grown immensely. The remaining five spots in the top 10 were filled out by three English-speaking streamers, who were all in the top four on Twitch, with popular Canadian streamer xQc holding the top position.

As for YouTube Gaming, Latin American viewership came in the forms of Spanish content creator Vegetta777 and Brazilian content creator Nobru holding the No. 1 and No. 3 spots on the top 10 list for July viewership.

In regards to what games dominated the streaming landscape throughout July, Fall Guys and Monster Hunter Rise were the primary benefactors in July. For Fall Guys, they experienced viewership spikes because of their move to a free-to-play model as the game rose back into the top 10 of games on both Twitch and YouTube Gaming in July. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Rise released a new expansion titled Sunbreak that helped the watch hours for the game on YouTube skyrocket 147 percent from 3.4M to 8.5M.

With the continued development of Latin American viewership in streaming, as well as the slight viewership increases after months of downward trends, it will be interesting to see how the month of Aug. will stack up to July’s viewership statistics.

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