XQc finds Tyler1 scream in an unexpected place

Tyler1 made a surprise appearance in a scary dream world.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has become famous for his loud outbursts and short temper while streaming—so much so, in fact, the the streamer’s scream has transcended his broadcasts and has now appeared in a game. Popular steamer xQc stumbled upon one of Tyler1’s famous screams while playing Dreams today.

Dreams is a new game that allows players to create their own worlds which other players can explore through “dream surfing.” The creative freedom allows players to create custom levels, adventures, and even art pieces to share with the community. It also allows players to hide Easter eggs from their favorite streamers.

XQc was exploring various dream worlds when he found one designed like a horror game. As he made his way through the level, he encountered an eerie scream coming from somewhere in the darkness. He immediately recognized the scream as one of Tyler1’s famous outbursts and was surprised to find it in the terrifying world.

“Is that Tyler?” xQc said. “Holy shit.”

The surprise appearance from the popular League of Legends streamer relieved some of the tension and was a nice surprise for xQc and his viewers. Tyler1, known for his short temper, even got a viewer in trouble in the past by encouraging the same behavior. His slightly altered scream perfectly matched the mood of the dark and creepy world.

There were not any other references to Tyler1 during the rest of xQc’s playthrough of the level, but the ability to create worlds from scratch in Dreams provides a lot of opportunity for moments like these. Fans will have to wait and see what other secrets members of the community will hide in their worlds.