‘Will he be gambling instead?’: Knut explains why xQc is a D-tier possible Camp Knut addition

The Norwegian bodybuilder ranks Twitch's top creator low.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Nmplol

While ranking potential future Camp Knut prospects with Nmplol, Norwegian bodybuilder and livestreamer Knut predicted that Twitch’s most viewed streamer, xQc, would likely not fair well at the fitness boot camp.

Camp Knut is a month-long fitness event spearheaded by coaches Knut and Wake Wilder, training various OTK members in weightlifting, dieting, and other forms of physical wellness. Two weeks into the boot camp, Camp Knut has drawn a significant following and led to notable bumps in viewership for nearly every participant. The lucrative success of Camp Knut so far, both in terms of viewership and results, has already led to speculation about future fitness events and potentially new streamer rosters.

While on stream with OTK co-founder and Camp Knut participant Nmplol, the multi-time bodybuilding champion ranked a wide array of streamers in regards to how he believed they would do at his intensive workout camp. Knut showed an interest in recruiting different streamers for any future iteration of the camp, with some ambitious requests.

When it came time to rank Twitch’s single most-viewed English-speaking streamer, Knut explained why he would eventually place him at the ‘D’ category in a tier list of potential Camp Knut attendees. Knut referenced xQc’s notorious dependability—or lack thereof—in regards to collaborative streaming events, citing his concerns that xQc may suddenly stop showing up or fail to respond.

“The thing is about xQc, you would never know. That’s the problem,” Knut said. “Will he show up? Will he respond? Will he be there playing some random game? He will show up the first day and then get stuck playing games. We don’t know. Will he be gambling instead? Who knows? Maybe Jubilee will post a new video that he had to react to, might happen as well.”

After listing his barrage of concerns for the Twitch star, Knut solemnly placed xQc in the ‘D’ tier, amongst the likes of Mitch Jones, Forsen, and Sodapoppin. Still, it was not the worse possible placement for xQc, as he stood mere centimeters above the ‘F’ tier.