Knut wants TimTheTatman and Ninja to join next Camp Knut

He ranked 50 other streamers based on their Camp Knut potential.

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Camp Knut isn’t even halfway through, but that isn’t stopping the bodybuilder and Twitch streamer from looking at prospects for the next iteration of the 30-day fitness challenge.

Ranking streamers based on his perception of their potential to survive the camp, Knut noted that there are a couple of streamers he’d especially like to work with while he was on Nick Polom’s channel this morning.

“When I see this board, there’s a few guys that I want in the next Camp Knut,” he said. “I want Tim. I want Ninja. … They should be able to afford to put in 30 days.”

Polom quickly noted that the net worth of those two streamers is likely in the hundreds of millions and that getting them to join would likely cost a large sum of money. 

“That would be crazy though,” Polom said. “I do believe they would kill it. I’m not trying to be a ‘dick rider’ or whatever, chat. I believe that Ninja would kill it.”

Camp Knut is well into its second week with more than a handful of Texas-based streamers, largely from One True King (OTK), participating in an all-inclusive program that has elements of lifting, cardio, and dieting.

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On Polom’s stream, Knut ranked a whopping 52 creators based on how well he believed they would fare if they participated in the same 30-day program that Polom and other streamers like Mizkif and Lacari are doing now.

Nearly all noteworthy streamers received a mention, even if Knut opted against giving them a ranking. Along with rating Ninja and Tim as Cs, he said that Dr Disrespect, whom he didn’t put on the board because of his indefinite Twitch ban, would be in the S-tier. 

Knut’s S-tier had six streamers, and perhaps the most obvious among them was NICKMERCS, who has been known to do workout streams and regularly talks about his diet and body maintenance.

His most-used ranking was A with 12 streamers put in the tier. Knut’s criteria for putting anyone in the A-tier was that he believed they would make it the full 30 days without having any dietary lapses or missed workouts.