Will Among Us become available on more platforms?

Innersloth will solely focus on improving Among Us.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

The latest hit on Twitch is the party game Among Us, where impostors must annihilate all crewmates while the others try to identify them. The title’s popularity has been growing since well-known content creators started streaming it earlier this summer.

The developer, Innersloth, previously announced that it was working on an upcoming sequel, Among Us 2. But it revealed the cancellation of the game yesterday to solely focus on the original title. The content created for the canceled game will join Among Us later, which includes at least one new map.

The next steps in the game’s evolution were also revealed. The developer’s highest priority is to upgrade the servers, which weren’t ready for such a spike in popularity several years after the game’s release. This has provoked various bugs and several server outages over the last few months.

The developer is also working on implementing a colorblind mode and a system for friends lists and accounts, as well as a new map based on Henry Stickmin, Innersloth’s latest game. The team added in its blog post that it has “lots of other things planned too.”

Will Among Us support more platforms in the future?

Many fans are requesting the addition of another feature, though, which is to be able to play Among Us on more platforms. In an interview with the devs released a few weeks ago, the InnerSloth staff answered a question about making the game compatible with new platforms.

“We haven’t looked into how difficult it would be, but we want to at least look into the possibility of console ports,” Innersloth co-founder Puffballs said. “I don’t know if cross-play would be possible because of chatting and all, that but it’s something we’re gonna definitely look into while developing.”

They didn’t mention on which platform the game would be added first. Even if InnerSloth revealed working on making the game available on more platforms, it might take a while since it has other priorities and will have to make the codebase of Among Us more flexible first, which isn’t a small task.

Among Us can be bought on Steam for $3.99 and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. The game supports cross-play on those platforms. At this time, it’s unclear when or if Among Us will become available on other platforms.