How to fix the “Sent 6 pings that remote has not responded to” error in Among Us

Among Us is more popular than it can handle.

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It’s not an everyday event to suddenly witness a two-year-old game become one of the recent month’s hottest titles. Among Us always had a small community and was far from “dead.” In terms of its player base, the push received from being featured on popular Twitch streams was so huge that the game’s been battling with server issues for a while now.

While quick surges in player numbers for old games are significant for the existing community, it can catch a developer off guard since its servers will be adjusted according to its overall player counts. Players have been reporting multiple different issues with Among Us and the two things they have in common are that the errors prevent players from joining into lobbies and all look to be connected to the server’s capacity. “Sent 6 pings that remote has not responded to” is just another server-related error, but it looks like it’s affecting mobile users more than PC players.

Trying to get into a game right after you receive the error doesn’t seem to work, and sometimes players can even get kicked out of the game. Though only InnerSloth, Among Us’ developer, can completely fix these server issues, there are a couple of things you can try to possibly get a few rounds of Among Us in before you call it a night.

How can you fix the “Sent 6 pings that remote has not responded to” error in Among Us?

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The “Sent 6 pings that remote has not responded to” error usually appears when the Among Us servers reach their full capacity. The chances are you’re getting it around the prime gaming hours in your area since that’s when players will be flooding the servers.

The first fix you should try is to change your game server from your usual one. If you’re playing from North America, for example, try switching it to Asia or Europe. Considering the huge time gap between the three regions, one of them is likely to be less crowded than the server closest to you.

If the game is kicking you out before you can change your game region, you’ll need to install a VPN and use a connection server from a region that you aren’t in. Doing so should automatically change your game server inside Among Us and let you find a game.

You should follow the same procedure both on mobile and PC. If none of this seems to work for you, we recommend performing a router reset to make sure there aren’t any connectivity issues on your end.


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