How to fix the “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after” Error in Among Us

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The quick surge in popularity for Among Us is surely a breath of fresh air for the existing player-base, but it’s also come with its fair share of minor annoyances in server problems

It takes a lot longer for indie developers to address these problems since they have limited amounts of sources compared to AAA developers. “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after” is just one of many errors that players encounter while logging into the game, and it prevents players from joining a lobby or even creating one by themselves.

The error doesn’t give the players a thorough explanation of the underlying issues that causes the problem, but the fact it mostly appears during the prime gaming hours of each Among Us server shows that it’s tightly correlated with the in-game server’s overall capacity.

Though only InnerSloth can completely fix similar problems, there are a couple of tricks players can try out to hop into a lobby with their friends.

How can you fix the “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after” Error in Among Us

Community investigations discovered that the “Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack’d after” error, and other similar variants were strictly related to servers reaching their maximum capacities. This is an entirely different scenario compared to servers going down since no one would be available to play in such a situation.

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As dull as it may sound, you should be able to find a game or create one as long as you keep trying. But one method that has been working wonders for players is switching servers.

If you switch to a server that’s not your main one, you’re likely to find yourself in a less crowded part of the world, in terms of active gamers, since it’ll well past its prime gaming time. Try selecting the Asian or European server if you are on the North American server, and your game should be back to normal.

If you aren’t able to access the part of the game that lets you change servers, you can try your luck with a VPN since using one automatically changes your server based on where you’re connecting from.