Who won Minecraft Championship (MCC) Pride 2021?

The winners have been crowned.

At the end of the first MCC Pride 2021, the rainbow dust has settled and a champion has been crowned. Well—champions, we should say.

With some revamped maps, some funky new looks, a bunch of money donated to a good cause, and 40 Minecraft content creators all having fun, only one single team of four has been left standing after an entertaining Dodgebolt showcase.

That team, Aqua Axolotls, consists of:

It was a close event for most of the rounds, but there was always going to be one winner at the end. With the win, the team will be receiving a special coin made exclusively for this Pride version of MCC and, of course, eternal bragging rights.

Here are the final standings for the event, leading up to the Aqua Axolotls’ victory in Dodgebolt. For a full list of who was in each team, you can check out the full team rosters here.

  1. Aqua Axolotls
  2. Orange Ocelots
  3. Pink Parrots
  4. Lime Llamas
  5. Red Rabbits
  6. Purple Pandas
  7. Blue Bats
  8. Cyan Creepers
  9. Green Guardians
  10. Yellow Yaks

Now with Pride 2021 out of the way, all eyes will be on MCC 15, which is expected to happen soon, as well as the launch of MCC Island, the public server that was teased during MCC 14 at the start of the month.