When is Shroud’s first livestream on Mixer?

The streamer may go live today.

Photo via DreamHack

First-person shooter superstar Shroud will be exclusively streaming on Mixer, leaving behind Twitch and joining Fortnite sensation Ninja on the platform.

The former CS:GO pro made the monumental announcement on Twitter today, explaining that he’s the “same shroud” but has found a “new home” in Mixer. While Shroud hasn’t launched his first broadcast on Mixer yet, his channel is being inundated with over 17,000 viewers spamming chat.

Here’s everything we know about Shroud’s first Mixer livestream.

When is Shroud going live on Mixer?

Screengrab via Mixer.com/Shroud

Although Shroud hasn’t officially announced when he’ll go live, fans tuning into his channel can see a countdown that’s sitting just under five hours. The countdown will seemingly end at 7pm CT, which may provide a hint as to when the streamer’s broadcast begins.

Fans can watch the livestream directly on Shroud’s Mixer channel.

What game will he play?

Shroud’s high-budget announcement video featured the streamer playing Respawn’s battle royale, Apex Legends. Even though Apex continues to be one of Shroud’s tried-and-true games, the streamer has also been pouring countless hours into Blizzard’s WoW Classic, making both a viable option.

Many popular streamers are already broadcasting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, scheduled for an official release tomorrow. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Shroud showcase his legendary skills on Activision’s newest venture as well.

What will Shroud’s schedule be?

When broadcasting on Twitch, Shroud went live almost every day. The streamer will likely retain a similar schedule on Mixer, with more information possibly being revealed during his first livestream on the platform.

Fans looking to support Shroud’s historic move can subscribe to his Mixer channel for free up until Nov. 22.