Shroud fans can subscribe to his Mixer channel for free starting today

The limited-time offer expires Nov. 22.

First-person shooter legend and former CS:GO pro Shroud made waves today by revealing his monumental switch to Mixer, leaving Twitch behind. And now, fans can support the streamer for free.

Fans can subscribe to Shroud’s Mixer channel for free until Nov. 22.

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To claim the free sub, fans need to log in to Mixer and follow Shroud. An indicator asking if you’d like to claim the free subscription will then pop up on the stream.

Shroud unveiled the big news on his Twitter with a well-produced video filled with dramatic music and neon lights, explaining that it’s the “same shroud” but in a “new home.”

Shroud isn’t the first big streamer to ditch Twitch, though. Fortnite star Ninja switched to Microsoft’s streaming service in August.

Ninja similarly released a high-budget video to commemorate the move and offered viewers a free limited-time sub.

If Ninja’s move wasn’t enough to break the internet, Shroud may have just delivered the final blow.