When is Ninja’s first stream back on Twitch?

He'll be giving out free subs.

Screengrab via Ninja

Ninja announced today that he’s making his way back to Twitch after taking a short hiatus from streaming following the closure of Mixer, where he previously had an exclusive contract.

After Mixer announced that it was closing down, it appeared to be a two-horse race to nab the crazy, blue-haired content goliath between YouTube Gaming and Twitch. 

During his time away from full-time streaming, Ninja streamed once on both YouTube and Twitch to satisfy his fans who hadn’t been able to watch him without showing his cards regarding a new exclusive deal.

Unlike many other streamers, the turnaround between Ninja’s stream announcement and his first stream back is as lightning fast as you might expect a professionally trained actual ninja to be.

After announcing around 11am CT that he’s making his return to Twitch for good, Ninja waited just 30 minutes before posting a second tweet that he’ll be live on the platform again in a few hours.

Ninja said he plans to stream at 2pm CT today, but that’s not all his fans are getting. Every 30 minutes during his first stream, Ninja will be gifting 100 subscriptions to viewers. 

While Ninja hasn’t indicated how long his stream might be, there’s a solid chance this one will be longer than the shorter two-hour one-offs he did after his deal with Mixer ended.