Ninja has returned to Twitch in new exclusive deal

He's back.

Photo via ESPAT Media

Following Mixer’s shutdown on July 22, the future of Ninja’s stream was thrown into doubt. Questions were raised as to whether he’d move to YouTube or return to Twitch. Now, we’ve got our answer—and he’s back where it all began. 

Former Fortnite icon turned internet celebrity Ninja has penned a new deal with Twitch following his stint with Mixer last year, he announced earlier today. The short video shows Ninja in his streaming room while he embarks on a “new chapter,” exclusively on Twitch. 

Ninja’s last exclusive streaming deal was with Mixer, but it was shut down earlier this year by Microsoft. At the time, all existing partners were offered the chance to move to Facebook Gaming, but Mixer’s top creators like Ninja and Shroud didn’t make that move.

Following the closure of Mixer, Ninja streamed on YouTube. But it was clear that he didn’t sign an exclusive deal with the platform since this wasn’t announced. In his first stream, he averaged 118,384 viewers and peaked at around 165,000 viewers, according to Stream Hatchet data.

But Ninja has returned to his roots, where he was once the most popular creator on the platform. Two years ago, Ninja had one of the biggest Twitch streams in history by a single creator when he played Fortnite with rapper Drake. This stream peaked at 635,000 concurrent viewers, one of the highest recorded on the site. 

Now that Ninja is back, fans can watch him live on his Twitch channel later today.