What time does Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16 start?

Set your calendars.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The 16th edition of the Minecraft Championship (MCC) is next on the list and the stakes are even higher for this one, at least for some of the players. Noxcrew is looking to award the first players who gets five wins with a custom medal, and there’s only a select few who have a chance so far.

HBomb49 has the advantage since he has four wins while Smajor, PeteZahHutt, Michaelmcchill, and Dream are right on his tail with three wins to their name. These players will certainly look to bring their A-game to the MCC 16, but it can also take a while for the five-win medal to find its home.

Fans only have a little longer to wait since MCC 16 is scheduled to go live on Aug. 28 at 2pm CT. The teams are already shuffled and you can check out the complete list of squads through here.

Like previous events, the best way to tune into the competition will be through the admin stream, at least at the beginning of the event. Noxcrew’s commentary tends to be fun and always manages to capture the hype, but it’ll also be a better idea to switch to remaining players’ streams toward the later stages of the event. This will allow you to watch the deciding moments of the tournament from teams’ points of view, which can be both epic and hilarious at times.

If you’re already wondering when the next MCC takes place, Noxcrew generally tries to hold one event every month. The date depends on the availability of the participants, but you can expect an MCC event every month unless Noxcrew says otherwise. The event mostly goes live around 2pm CT.