What does PogChamp mean?

You'll get the hang of it, in no time.

Screengrab via Cross Counter TV

Twitch turned watching random players playing a game into an excellent entertainment source, and the chat section is one of the vital factors behind its success. Though past platforms before Twitch came to existence also had ways for viewers to communicate, none were successful when it came down to introducing the same level of authenticity.

Most frequent viewers will know that words may not be enough all the time to express feelings, and Twitch emotes have become the ultimate way to show appreciation, frustration, happiness, rage, or other emotions. Emotes evolved into one of the essentials of the overall Twitch chat experience, and not knowing what each emote means can be overwhelming for new viewers.

While each streamer will also have emotes of their own, which usually refer to insight jokes between their long-time viewers, there is a great chunk of emotes used on countless streams. Knowing what they mean can give you the headstart you need on your quest to become a regular on the chat.

What is the meaning of PogChamp on Twitch?

To understand what this picture of a man who looks like he’s shouting, we’ll need to dive into its history. The image belongs to a content creator named Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez while he was on a bloopers episode of his show Cross Counter in 2010. 

Gutierrez makes the iconic gesture as his cameraman bumps straight into a camera, and the moment gets immortalized in PogChamp. 

It’s quite similar to one of those looks you’d throw when your friend trips over a rock and suffers a light fall. You know you need to help, but it’s almost impossible to contain your shock and laughter. Just like its origin, PogChamp is used to express shock, surprise, excitement, or even disbelief. It basically means “I can’t believe that just happened” in the best way possible.

There are alternative uses of PogChamp as well. It can be used to hype up a word battle between two viewers or a viewer and a streamer. Throwing in a couple of PogChamps into the chat after one of the parties has a mic-dropping moment will show how invested you are in the situation and can even increase the heat of the moment.

Since excitement and surprise are two open-ended subjects, you can safely bust out the PogChamp emote whenever something excites you. You can use it to welcome surprise guests to the stream or show your appreciation for the shirt your favorite streamer decided to wear for the morning broadcast.