What are Diamonds in TikTok LIVE Studio?

Monetize your stream.

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As creators begin trying out TikTok LIVE Studio, there are some things you’ll need to know.

The massively popular video platform launched the beta for its desktop streaming app. If you use the platform, Diamonds are something that you’ll come across.

Whether you’re a dedicated creator or someone streaming for a little fun, monetizing your stream is going to be key if you’d like to turn a profit. Diamonds are a massive part of this, so here’s everything you’ll need to know.

What are Diamonds in TikTok LIVE Studio?

TikTok LIVE Studio’s unique monetization method includes diamonds. With these, users can earn money real-life money from viewers.

Diamonds are TikTok’s virtual currency for creators, and when someone has built up enough to equal $100, they will be able to withdraw that money via the app to a bank account.

Creators earn diamonds when viewers send gifts during their broadcasts. Gifts are small sticks stickers that will be displayed on your livestream and offer a small financial kickback. These aren’t free to send, so users who want to support their favorite creators with gifts must purchase them using in-app coins.

To activate LIVE gifts on your stream, you’ll need to be 18 or over. You can find out more about gifts here.

If you’re looking to try out TikTok LIVE Studio for yourself, here is more information on how you can do so.


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