Twitch streamer plays Fall Guys using Jelly Beans as a controller

You think you've seen it all.

Screengrab via Rudeism

Some Twitch streamers have way too much time on their hands, as evident by Rudeism on Twitch.

The streamer is famous for doing silly yet amazing engineering feats, such as playing Overwatch Hero Orisa with a Rocking Horse controller and playing games with Doritos and Mountain Dew, among other things, but this one might just take the cake.

Somehow, Rudeism created a controller made entirely out of Jelly Beans all for the sake of playing the currently popular Fall Guys open beta that is taking part over this weekend before the game officially releases in the upcoming week.

It’s honestly impressive and just another piece of insanity in the growing list of things the streamer has been able to do—and it’s most definitely entertaining for fans of the streamer.

One has to wonder exactly what Rudeism will do next. Maybe we will see him do something with new generation hardware like the PlayStation 5. Only the sky is the limit.

You can check out the full stream with his using the makeshift tasty controller here if you want to see how he performs.