Rudeism plays Overwatch with Doritos and Mountain Dew

Rudeism's latest controller is very fragile.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

He played Winston with a pile of bananas. He controlled Orisa with a rocking horse. Now, Twitch streamer Rudeism is playing D.Va with Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Wacky controllers are exactly what Rudeism is known for. Besides the bananas and chips, Rudeism has used tennis balls, teacups, and a microwave to play Overwatch. The Doritos and Mountain Dew build evokes, however, a popular D.Va meme: Many fans like to envision the South Korean professional StarCraft 2 player as a gamer who’s munching chips and chugging soda.

But as it turns out, while it might be the perfect snack while gaming, Doritos are not easy to play Overwatch with. They’re just really fragile.

Another downside of using Doritos as a controller? Apparently, Rudeism’s office “reeked” of Doritos.

Rudeism is not the first Overwatch streamer to play D.Va with Doritos and Mountain Dew, however. Twitch streamer ATwerkingYoshi rigged up a bunch of Dorito bags to control D.Va. To launch her ultimate, ATwerkingYoshi had to chug some Mountain Dew.

Rudeism and ATwerkingYoshi will likely continue to out-do each other with their builds, and that’s a good thing for viewers who like to see increasingly wacky builds. What’s next for both of them? We’ll just have to wait and see.