This guy plays Overwatch hero Orisa with a rocking horse—and it’s predictably weird

Mounted on Barry the rocking horse, Rudeism tries out Orisa.

Thrusting back and forth on a rocking horse, Twitch streamer Rudeism isn’t just seeking out a leisurely ride: He’s actually playing new Overwatch hero Orisa.

It’s the kind of stuff that Rudeism is known for, actually—he’s rigged up controllers to play Overwatch with stuff like teacups, microwaves, and bananas. This time, it’s a rocking horse he calls Barry and a toy machine gun. As you might expect, rocking forward moves Orisa forward, while rocking back pushes her avatar backward.

Whinnying as Rudeism rides into battle, the rocking horse is also connected to a toy machine gun designed to mimic Orisa’s weapon. Cocking the toy gun reloads Orisa’s weapon in-game, but the gun handles Orisa’s abilities—like her shield and fortify—as well.

Playing Overwatch this way actually looks pretty tiring, both for Rudeism and for his valiant steed. But after more than two hours, Rudeism got pretty good at his weird Orisa setup. Apparently, it got pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. “My ass can’t handle it anymore,” Rudeism said. “That was an ordeal, man.”

“Sitting down is really sore right now,” he added. “It’s pretty rough.”

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