Twitch reverts Ninja’s channel format after criticism

Ninja called Twitch out. It worked.

Screengrab via Ninja

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ Twitch channel has been restored to its original format after the streamer, who recently signed an exclusive deal with Mixer, called out Twitch for using his channel to promote other streamers.

Roughly two hours after Ninja tweeted a video in which he expressed his disappointment in Twitch and apologized to fans, he tweeted that Twitch had reverted his channel to showing the “Offline” screen. The channel now appears as every other offline channel does on the platform.

Screengrab via

In his brief video, Ninja said he had been trying to get his Twitch channel removed or just changed so other streamers couldn’t be promoted on it. For the 10 days after Ninja began streaming on Mixer, though, Twitch used his channel as a platform to link viewers to other popular channels.

But after a channel streaming pornographic content was included in the related channels section on Ninja’s profile earlier today, he expressed how disappointed he was at how poorly Twitch had handled the situation. He also said he had previously ignored the perceived “little jabs” from Twitch.

Ninja, who became the face of Twitch while playing battle royale games like H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite, is known to be a family-friendly streamer for the most part. In recent years, he’s cut down on swearing, sexual innuendo, and has tried—and succeeded—in growing his brand.

Twitch’s decision to try to use Ninja’s brand seemed to backfire, though. And the platform likely won’t try to do it again, especially after this mishap.