Twitch adds new copyright management tools along with reworked DMCA guidelines for creators

Twitch is trying to be more upfront and provide better options for creators to deal with DMCA-related issues.

Image via Twitch

Twitch previously announced it would be reworking certain aspects of the platform’s DMCA guidelines for creators, with a specific focus on clarifying the repeat infringer policy and how to submit counter-notifications.

Among the most important clarifications in the reworked guidelines include DMCA strikes against a channel no longer being permanent for non-repeat infringers. Twitch also stated it retains the right to limit or terminate the service of accounts that “blatantly and egregiously infringe the intellectual property of others.”

With today’s clarifications, Twitch also added new tools for creators to easily keep track of copyright claims and manage various content like VODs and clips to avoid bigger issues, most of which are already live on the platform. 

Prior to this update, creators would only be notified of copyright claims via the email linked to their Twitch account. Now, the details will also appear in the Creator Dashboard under the Content section’s new Copyright Claims Manager option, which will let users see the claimant, description of the copyrighted work, and other details. 

Starting sometime in August, creators will also be able to set stream VODs to default to being unpublished instead of going live on their channel. This will be paired with the ability to change VOD and clip settings per category, allowing users to, for example, disable clips and auto-unpublish VODs while streaming in the Just Chatting category but publish them when playing a game. 

Twitch clarified that content being unpublished does not mean it is protected against DMCA copyright claims, but any content users delete from the website can’t be hit with new strikes. 

Additionally, Twitch plans to add new filtering options for clips that allow users to sort and delete them by date, game, or view count and the ability to review VODs for DMCA notifications and submit counter-notifications directly from the Creator Dashboard later this year. You can view the full Twitch update roadmap on the platform’s official website.