Twitch clarify DMCA guidelines, 3 strikes now constitutes a ‘repeat infringer’

Strikes will not be permanent but will remain until the account is determined not to be a repeat infringer.

Image via Twitch

DMCA violations have been an issue plaguing Twitch streamers over the past year. In the wake of their boom, Twitch has clarified its DMCA guidelines for creators.

First reported by journalist Zach Bussey, Twitch’s updated policy better defines the rules for streamers, outlining what will result in them having their account terminated.

In the policy, Twitch defines repeat infringers as those who break the rules three times. Those labeled repeat infringers also risk having their account terminated entirely. Along with this rule, the platform also retains its right to limit or terminate the service of accounts that “blatantly and egregiously infringe the intellectual property of others”.

Strikes are no longer permanent and will only remain in place for a duration to ensure that the streamers aren’t repeating their offenses. This would confirm reports that some streamers had been seeing their strikes disappear over the past few weeks.

Even with the new policy, streamers will need to stick to the same guidelines that were in place regarding what constitutes copyrighted material. Creators will also be able to continue disputing claims with the platform if they feel that the strike is unwarranted. This process can be completed by filling out a Counter-Notification as detailed in the platform’s DMCA Guidelines page.

It’s too early to know how these changes will affect creators on the platform. But with strikes now being removed after a duration of time, it should reduce the number of creators losing their accounts for multiple infringements.

Correction July 20 5:17pm CT: This article previously stated that Twitch had rewritten its DMCA guidelines entirely. A Twitch spokesperson has since said the platform simply clarified specific points within the guidelines, however.