TheGrefg’s Premios ESLAND sets high bar for 2023 Twitch viewership records

It'll be tough for other streamers to hit that peak viewer number.

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TheGrefg hosted his second annual Premios ESLAND awards event over the weekend, more than doubling his viewership from the previous year and setting an incredibly high marker for other creators to achieve in 2023.

With more than nine million hours watched over six and a half hours, the Spanish-centric award show for content creators averaged more than 1.4 million viewers, peaking at 1.75 million, according to Streams Charts.

The event was broadcast on TheGrefg’s official Twitch stream, and while it wasn’t the most concurrent viewers he’s ever received, this weekend’s 1.7 million peak viewership figure was higher than all but one channel last year. Ibai last year posted more than three million concurrent viewers during his boxing tournament.

For that reason, it only seems fair that both Ibai and his boxing event went home with ESLAND awards for Streamer of the Year and Event of the Year respectively. The event set a Twitch record for peak viewership, beating out TheGrefg’s Fortnite skin reveal in 2021, which peaked at 2.47 million viewers.

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TheGrefg’s massively successful event saw average viewership more than double, up from 634,052 last year. Meanwhile, peak viewership rose 64 percent, up from just more than one million last year.

There are still 11 more months left in the year, but it will be difficult for any other creator to match the viewership TheGrefg’s award show produced. QTCinderella has a similar award show coming up called The Streamer Awards, which will be catered toward Twitch’s English-language audience. But even last year, her viewership fell short of the Spanish-language event, despite being her most successful broadcast of the year and hitting nearly 400,000 concurrent viewers.


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