Summer Games Done Quick reveals online schedule amid COVID-19 pandemic

Off to the races.

Image via Games Done Quick

The COVID-19 pandemic that’s forced the cancellation of numerous conventions, events, and esports tournaments across the globe isn’t stopping Games Done Quick this year. 

Last month, GDQ announced that it’d be moving to an online-only format for its Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon that will raise money for Doctors Without Borders. And today, GDQ unveiled the schedule for the event.

The event was previously set to take place in Bloomington, Minnesota. But after a national state of emergency was declared by President Trump earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear an in-person event couldn’t happen.

“We’re excited to continue showcasing some of the most talented speedrunners in the world while observing best practices to keep everyone safe in the midst of a global pandemic,” GDQ director of marketing and business development Kasumi Yogi said.

This year’s SGDQ online event will start on Sunday, Aug. 16 at 10:30am CT with a pre-show. It’ll end the following Saturday, Aug. 22 at 7:55pm CT.

Among the final day events for the speedrun showcase will be Pokemon Shield, Bloodborne, Super Smash Bros. 64, and Super Metroid. A full list of all of the week’s events can be found on the GDQ website.

GDQ is a semi-annual event, with a few one-offs as well, that uses speedrunning of PvE video games to reel in viewers and raise money for various charities. This year’s postponed event will mark the latest in the year that a Summer GDQ has taken place. The past two years it was held during the last week of June. 

In 2019, the event set an all-time high for raising money at more than $3 million. Summer Games Done Quick has been raising money exclusively for Doctors Without Borders since 2013. The organization’s winter event, Awesome Games Done Quick, typically raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.