State Farm deepens presence in gaming with Twitch Rivals deal

State Farm will be a presenting sponsor of future events.

Image via Twitch Rivals

State Farm is once again making moves in the gaming and streaming space by partnering with Twitch’s community-based esports entity, Twitch Rivals.

Financial terms of the multi-year deal were not disclosed, but this isn’t the first time the insurance company has worked with Twitch. 

During Twitch Rivals’ Streamer Bowl II, State Farm was a partner. But this expanded partnership will give State Farm more space in all North American Twitch Rivals events.

One of the activations that State Farm will be involved in with Twitch Rivals is called State Farm Spotlights, which will break down notable moments during Twitch Rivals events. 

Additionally, State Farm will serve as a presenting sponsor for a yet-to-be-announced event.

To highlight the new partnership, Twitch Rivals and State Farm have teamed up to host a Pummel Party event today. It will include eight content creators with a $15,000 prize pool that will go to a charity of the contestants’ choice. The event will go live on at 4pm CT today.

Outside of working with Twitch Rivals, State Farm has dipped its toes in the gaming community by sponsoring Twitch streamer DrLupo. The insurer has also sponsored esports events spanning multiple games like League of Legends and NBA 2K.