Sodapoppin tops Twitch during first stream back from hiatus

Don't expect him to play WoW, though.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin has officially made his return to Twitch today and his viewership so far suggests that he’s better than ever.

The streamer has been one of the most uniquely positioned influencers on Twitch in the past year after World of Warcraft Classic‘s beta and release helped push him to the upper echelon of the platform while hype for the nostalgic game was high.

But after becoming frustrated with stream sniping, Soda decided that instead of finding different content to stream, he simply cut streaming out of his life in favor of focusing on Classic.

As the game’s PvP honor system became active, Soda began to stream less. Once battlegrounds started up, he stopped streaming altogether so he could focus on achieving his ranking goals. 

Last week, Soda tweeted out that he planned on making a return to streaming after not having broadcast since Dec. 2—and he went live today around 10am CT.

Fans greeted Soda with a warm welcome for his return in the form of more than 37,000 viewers, enough to make him the top streamer on Twitch, at time of writing.

So far, Soda has spent most of his time “Just Chatting” and looking through a variety of potential games to play in short stints, something he was known for doing prior to the boom of Classic last year.

He hasn’t focused much on Classic today, but he did address the game, saying that he doesn’t intend to stream the game any time soon.

“I’m not going to play WoW on stream again for a long time,” Soda said. “I still have to do my MC raid every week, where I manage 39 retards. I don’t think I’ll stream it on this channel though.”