Sodapoppin demands credit for the popularity of Among Us

The streamer joked that the game owed him millions.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Among Us has seen a massive spike in popularity over the last few weeks. One thing that has not been clear is what began this recent rise in popularity, but popular streamer Sodapoppin claims it is because of him.

During a recent stream, Soda shared that one of his viewers had been watching a Pewdiepie video in which the YouTuber asked who had begun this craze over Among Us.

“He didn’t know it was me and it just kind of pisses me off. I think Among Us owes me millions but it’s whatever,” Sodapoppin said.

After a viewer informed Soda that another streamer had played the game before him, he continued on with his joke.

“Bulldog played it and no one gave a shit. I played it and now everyone’s copying me because I’m famous and clouted,” he said.

While his remarks may have been a joke, Soda was one of the first streamers who began playing the game regularly on their streams before its spike in popularity.   

Among Us initially had its release in 2018, but the game would not reach its record levels of activity until this year. Due to this popularity, the team behind the game has decided to halt production of the sequel, Among Us 2, in favor of making additions to the title played by many today.