Shroud takes out Esfand during WoW Classic war

He also gave new meaning to "For the Horde."

Photo via DreamHack

Horde and Alliance players hold a bitter rivalry in World of Warcraft that’s 15 years in the making. But Michael “shroud” Grzesiek may have tipped the scales in the Horde’s favor.

Shroud took out popular WoW Classic streamer Esfand during an all-out guild war at the Gates of Ironforge yesterday, showing Alliance players exactly why the Horde reigns supreme.

The former CS:GO pro spotted Esfand’s Human Paladin amidst the hectic battle and immediately targeted him.

“What’s up, Esfand?” shroud called out while his Orc Shaman took out the streamer. “You like that shit? What’s up, son… You dead.”

Shroud’s victory was short-lived, however. Esfand was resurrected by one of his fellow Alliance players and ran to the safety of his guild.

The Canadian streamer’s addiction to WoW Classic continues despite losing somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 Twitch subscribers from broadcasting Blizzard’s MMO. Shroud doesn’t mind the dip in income and viewership, however.

“In my mind, I figured I would not get the views I normally get, I would not get the donos I usually get, I would not get the subs I usually get,” shroud said. “I’m playing this game for my own thing.”

To watch shroud take out more Alliance players, tune in to his Twitch channel where the streamer can further inspire the faction’s battlecry, “For the Horde.”