Shroud is willing to lose viewers for WoW Classic

FPS fans may have to come back later.

The wide-spread epidemic of WoW Classic addiction continues. Streamers have sacrificed eating, socializing, and sleeping in order to level up their characters in Blizzard’s MMO—and now one big streamer is even willing to lose money.

To the disappointment of many fans, popular Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek left behind first-person shooters to play WoW Classic. During the FPS star’s stream yesterday, he told fans that he’s willing to lose viewers and money in order to play Vanilla WoW.

After someone in shroud’s chat asked if he was worried about losing viewers by streaming WoW, the former CS:GO pro said “not really.”

“In my mind, I figured I would not get the views I normally get, I would not get the donos I usually get, I would not get the subs I usually get,” shroud said. “I’m playing this game for my own thing.”

Despite shroud’s noble proclamation, the streamer’s viewership has actually increased since the launch of WoW Classic

Screengrab via SullyGnome

Shroud has posted well over 40 hours of WoW Classic stream time over the last three days.

With the insane popularity of the MMO’s launch, people streaming WoW Classic have benefited immensely. Zach “Asmongold,” for example, has been one of Twitch’s top channels over the last three days and fans have watched over two million hours of his stream since launch.

For fans who want to catch shroud playing Apex Legends, you may have to wait until he hits level 60 in WoW Classic first.