Shroud is addicted to WoW, leaving FPS games behind

The streamer’s been racking up hours in Blizzard’s MMO.

Photo via DreamHack

Popular Twitch streamer and first-person shooter legend Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has joined the race to reach level 60 in WoW Classic, claiming that he’s “going all the way.”

After streaming almost 40 hours of WoW Classic since the game’s launch earlier this week, shroud claimed on his stream yesterday that he can’t believe he’s dedicated so much time to the MMO grind.

Shroud said that his girlfriend will attempt to log him into WoW Classic so he doesn’t waste any time with long queues. He then realized how much effort he’s putting into Blizzard’s game, but doesn’t seem to mind it.

“God, this is such a grind,” shroud said. “I can’t believe I’m committing this much into WoW. What the fuck is wrong with me… I mean, I’m down. I want to hit 60 and I don’t want to be too fucking late.”

Shroud’s dedication to WoW Classic is obvious. He did a 25-hour stream after the game’s launch. The stream ended with shroud’s computer getting the blue screen of death, hinting that all of the hours in Azeroth might be taxing his rig.

Due to all of the hours that shroud has been putting into leveling his Orc Shaman, players looking to watch some Apex Legends only have two options—watch somebody else or join the WoW movement.