Shroud shares thoughts on integration of NFTs in video games

The king of FPS titles thinks developers are going about it wrong.

Screengrab via Shroud on Twitch

NFTs have been a hot topic in the gaming community as of late. Just last week, Dr Disrespect’s game studio, Midnight Society, announced the introduction of NFTs in the company’s inaugural game release, which received massive community backlash. And in a broadcast yesterday, popular FPS streamer Shroud joined the conversation with his opinion on how NFTs are being implemented in video games.

The discussion began when Shroud’s chat brought up the comparison between NFTs and Twitch drops, a system that rewards viewers with in-game items for watching streams for a certain amount of time. “‘Y’all love drops but hate bringing NFTs to gaming,’ I think it’s just how NFTs are brought into gaming is all, they’re not really thought out,” the Twitch star said.

Shroud further explained that if developers want to bring NFTs into the gaming space, they’re going to have to put more “thought” into it. “A lot of the ways it’s done now, there’s not much thought,” he said. “It’s just like, hey, yeah this would be a great idea, copy all this shit.”

Shroud isn’t the only streamer who hasn’t been impressed with how NFTs are being implemented in video games lately.

Just four days ago, massive MMO streamer Asmongold shared his thoughts on the digital art form as well. He explained that if someone wants to sell something, in this case, NFTs, they have to understand what their audience wants. The streamer also pointed out that Midnight Society has failed to do this and Dr Disrespect’s “authenticity” may be called into question by fans as a result.