Asmongold: Dr Disrespect, Midnight Society made ‘huge mistake’ with NFT integration

Asmongold did not mince words about Dr Disrespect’s NFT Founders Passes.

Screengrab via Asmongold (YouTube)

Dr Disrespect recently announced that his gaming company, Midnight Society, will be selling NFT Founders Passes. This pass will give fans the ability to provide input and vote on game features for the company’s upcoming FPS multiplayer shooter.

During a March 16 stream, Asmongold, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, called the integration of NFTs into the game’s development a “huge mistake.”

Asmongold said that although he believes Dr Disrespect may not be the “biggest fan of NFTs” and that the developers or marketing team may have come up with the idea, Doc still should take “responsibility” for it. Asmon also said this could negatively impact Dr Disrespect’s career in the long run since Doc’s “authenticity” may be questioned by fans.

“If you remove and you change that authenticity into doing like NFTs or whatever, that hurts people’s perception because it is fundamental to the image he has created,” Asmongold said. “It’s kind of what I said before about how somebody can only get canceled if they get banned or contradict what their public image is.”

Asmongold said that when one sells something, or themselves, they should be aware of what that audience is looking for. Using an analogy, Asmongold said that when you vastly change your content or perception, your audience will fundamentally change as well. 

While the NFT doesn’t give players any kind of bonus in the future game, it does provide them with features that many have come to expect. The NFT will be an individual entity that the player owns and can sell on open marketplaces. Once users sell their Founders Pass, however, they lose access to the early development features.

Dr Disrespect’s NFTs begin selling on Midnight Society’s website in about a month. After that, many fans will be curious to see if it was a successful business venture or a failed effort.

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