Shroud abandons Borderlands 3 because of long WoW queue times

The streamer sat through a six-hour queue.

Photo via DreamHack

After sitting through a six-hour WoW Classic queue, popular Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek immediately abandoned Borderlands 3 to jump on to Blizzard’s MMO.

During shroud’s broadcast yesterday, the streamer explained why he prioritized WoW Classic over Gearbox Software’s action role-playing game (RPG).

The former CS:GO pro said that long WoW Classic queue times are affecting his schedule.

“If WoW was something more open where I could just join and play whenever the fuck I want, I probably would’ve played Borderlands for another hour and then got off,” shroud said. “But you kind of have to play WoW whenever you can because the queues are so fucking long, it’s crazy.”

WoW Classic’s queue times have become a serious issue. It takes some players anywhere from six to nine hours on weekends to get into the MMO.

WoW’s developers deployed a hotfix on Aug. 28 that promised a solution to the queue times. The update increased the number of players that could be simultaneously logged in and playing, which was supposed to result in smaller queues for popular realms, such as shroud’s. Judging from shroud’s experience, however, it seems like the hotfix did little to fix the issue.

Despite shroud’s prioritization of WoW Classic over Borderlands 3, the streamer shared his thoughts on the RPG.

“But Borderlands is pretty cool,” the streamer said. “I like it. I’m fucking down.”

Fans can catch shroud stream daily on his Twitch channel.