Pokimane teases she is done playing Rust unless a RP/PvE server is created

Streamers have been the targets of harassment recently.

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Offline TV member Pokimane appears to be finished with the group’s Rust server after a slew of drama over the past few days.

In a post, Pokimane said she may return to VALORANT or chess instead of the extremely popular streamer server on Rust, although she said she would return to the game if a new role-play or PvE server was created.

Pokimane echoed the opinion of many of the streamers participating in the server who would prefer a lobby without PvP action since the server has become more of a warzone recently.

Ultimately, the opinion on the combat style of the server is torn—some streamers suggest the server be more RP or PvE-based, while others want PvP to be a major part of the game.

The OTV and Friends streamer server has been an overwhelming success in terms of viewership, with many of the participants pulling in impressive numbers, including xQc, who held over 100,000 viewers in his most recent stream.

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Despite this, it appears a new server could be in the works with fewer participants according to Valkyrae, the creator of the OTV and Friends server.

While there may be a new server coming, it isn’t clear whether it would be PvE, as Valkyrae explained that she enjoys the PvP aspects of the game.