Ninja’s adult-size Adidas “TIME IN” Nite Joggers sold out in 40 minutes

Better luck next time.

Image via Adidas

Some lucky buyers will be entering the new year with style.

Mixer streamer and Fortnite star Ninja partnered up with Adidas to launch the “TIME IN” Nite Joggers this morning. And after 40 minutes, all adult sizes of the sneakers sold out.

“First Adidas launch for me, and I’m just speechless,” the streamer said. “Thank you guys for everyone who bought a pair, I love you guys. 2020 is going to be an incredible year.”

The cream and dark blue sneakers are accentuated with electric yellow, as well as the words “TIME IN” and “NINJA.” The number “20K” is printed on the back of the shoes, which represents the 20,000 hours Ninja said he put into streaming before skyrocketing to popularity.

The Nite Joggers retailed for $150 on the Adidas website, but its resale value has already gone up. Ninja’s “TIME IN” are fetching anywhere from $190 to $230 on online marketplace StockX.

This is a huge feat for the streamer, who continues to be a pioneer for other content creators by improving his brand. Ninja’s monumental move to Mixer in August started the domino effect of other streamers following suit. Shroud, Disguised Toast, and, most recently, Corinna Kopf all ditched Twitch for other platforms, noting that it was the best move for their careers.

Though you may have missed out on the “TIME IN” Nite Joggers, more Ninja and Adidas collabs are likely to drop in the future.