Ninja stopped streaming due to an injury, plans to return soon

The streamer has been recovering over the past several days.

Screengrab via Ninja

Like every top streamer on Twitch, Ninja has been regularly broadcasting and making content for his viewers. Over the last several days, though, he’s been nowhere to be seen. On May 31, the 30-year-old explained the reason for his absence in a post on social media.

It turns out that Ninja has been suffering from a foot injury, which has prevented him from streaming on the platform. Nevertheless, he’s aiming to make a swift recovery and return soon.

“I’ve been trying to recover from a foot injury the last couple of days,” Ninja said. “Bruised my heel to the point where I can’t even walk on it, so I’ve been using crutches. I have something to film this afternoon, then I will be back streaming.”

Ninja has still continued to regularly upload videos on his YouTube channel every two days, mostly with highlights from his past streams. For the past few months, he’s been enjoying the game that made him popular in the first place: Fortnite. If you look at his Twitch channel, you’ll quickly realize he has hardly played any other games outside of Epic’s title for the past three months.

But still, his relationship with the developers of his favorite game might not be on the best terms. In April 2022, Ninja expressed how he feels about his relationship with Epic, claiming that “I kinda feel like Epic hates me right now.”