Myth reviews his new $1,600 Herman Miller chair

It's surely better than a stool.

Screengrab via Myth

Chairs are often overlooked when building a new gaming setup. A cheap chair might not last as long as a more expensive option and it could cause ergonomic problems.

TSM’s Myth recently got his hands on an Embody chair from Herman Miller, which is arguably one of the best chair manufacturers—and he shared his thoughts on stream last night.

Before even testing the chair, Myth was already a bit disappointed since it was delivered pre-built and his chat was in the mood for a building stream. Then, after sitting in it, he simply said it “feels like a chair, not gonna lie.”

Myth proceeded to experiment with his new chair’s features and said he was just kidding around with his initial comments. Since he didn’t get a user’s manual out of the box, Myth continued to adjust the chair with the help of his chat.

With every adjustment, Myth started liking the chair more and told his stream that it would show its true potential in an eight-hour stream. The TSM star explained that knowing if a chair is good in 10 minutes would be impossible since the problems surrounding sitting tend to occur in longer periods.

After reading the new patch notes for VALORANT, Myth hopped into a game with his new chair and performed well considering he was getting used to a new ergonomic setup. Though the first game was a close defeat, he ended the game with a positive KD of 22-14.

While Myth didn’t mention if he’d do a long-term review of the chair in the future, his performance from now on could be an indicator of the quality of the product. After all, some people say gaming chairs are equivalent to hacks in the online gaming community.