Best gaming chairs of 2020

You're not cheating, it's just your new gaming chair.

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Over the past few years, gaming chairs have taken over the computer chair market. That means figuring out which gaming chair is right for you can be an overwhelming task.

Calling the market oversaturated would be an understatement. Just try typing in “gaming chair” on Amazon and you’ll find a plethora of brands you’ve probably never heard of. The market has grown so much that there are well over 100 companies offering gaming chairs on the website all claiming they’re the best.

Finding the appropriate chair can require a heavy amount of research. We’ve compiled a few premium choices that cover a wide variety of needs to help you with your task to find the one. 

If you have local stores around you, we recommend going there and trying the models available in person. This, naturally, will give you the best idea of what models work for you and on your preferred measurements.

Cougar Armor

Image via Cougar

At first glance, Cougar Armor may look a bit small, but it boasts a noteworthy 265-pound weight limit and you should be fine unless you’re taller than 6 feet 2 inches. This limit offers around 15 pounds more support than similarly-sized chairs that have a limit closer to 250 pounds.

The main issue with gaming chairs in this price range is adjustability. Unlike most, Cougar Armor has a 180-degree recline and comes with adjustable tilt resistance. Its armrest can also be adjustable in four different dimensions. 

After using this chair over the span of about a year, it still holds up pretty well. The chair feels sturdy for the most part, and besides some threads getting frayed on the back cushion, we haven’t had any issues with our model. This is a great chair if you want to upgrade to a gaming chair but are looking to do so at a lower price point.

Autonomous ErgoChair2

Image via Autonomous

This one is a bit out of the ordinary. It looks different because it’s marketed as an office chair. If you don’t like the look of a gaming chair, ErgoChair2 basically offers everything a decent gaming chair has to offer while looking super professional.

The chair supports up to 350 pounds and is fully adjustable. Its back is built in a way that allows amazing airflow and will surely help you keep your body temperature down during hot summer months. Autonomous also offers a 30-day trial period, which lets you try out its chairs up to 30 days. And if you aren’t satisfied, you can just return it for a full refund.

Even though the chair features a frame made of durable nylon plastic, it may not be as durable as the steel ones and might be a deal-breaker for those looking to buy a chair with a steel frame.

DXRacer Valkyrie

Image via DXRacer

DXRacer chairs are basically the standard when it comes to gaming chairs. The Valkyrie is DXRacer’s option for a high-quality gaming chair made to fit average-sized folks.

The Valkyrie has a weight limit of 215 pounds and is recommended for people no taller than 6 feet 1 inch. The chair has an adjustable arm and tilt options like most similarly-priced chairs on the market. 

It offers higher backrest support for your spinal column from the pelvis to the neck. Overall, the chair is well-built and features strength-certified parts alongside a steel frame to ensure long-term durability.

Secretlab Throne Series

Image via Secretlab

The Secretlab Throne series is definitely a pick to consider if you’re planning on spending more than nine hours in your chair every day. The chair comes with memory foam pillows, which come in handy if you enjoy falling asleep in your chair. Throne series supports up to 220 pounds and is high enough unless you’re taller than 6 feet 3 inches.

The series features Secretlab’s Prime 2.0 leather, which was sweat, humidity, flexing, and abrasion tested to prove its durability. But at the end of the day, it’s still leather and even if it breathes a little, it may make you sweat if you’re living in an already hot climate. 

To prevent this, the pillows on the chair come with a coating of cooling gel that keeps you from overheating in intense gaming situations. 

Secretlab Titan Series

Image via Secretlab

The Secretlab Titan is what some consider the Cadillac of gaming chairs. It has a maximum weight of 290 pounds and a maximum height of 6 feet 7 inches. 

The chair features a taller backrest and wider seat base so a larger-than-average person won’t feel crowded when sitting in the chair. It also has a new tilt system that the company compares to those found in high-end car seats alongside four-dimensional armrests.

Just like its smaller brother, the Throne series, the Titan series also comes with memory foam pillows that are coated with cooling gel to prevent you from overheating. The chair is a great choice if you enjoy mid-day naps since it will allow you to move a bit while sleeping due to its gigantic size.

DXRacer Tank

Image via DXRacer

The Tank series is one of DxRacer’s premium models and boasts a weight limit of 330 pounds. The recommended maximum height is 6 feet 4 inches.

As the numbers suggest, the Tank series features some of the largest gaming chairs and the seat has enough surface to welcome up to four toddlers on it. 

If you have a small desk or game in a small room, keep in mind that this chair will occupy a lot of space and may essentially limit your movements.

In addition to just simply being huge, the chair is highly adjustable and has a strong aluminum base. If you’re scared of breaking it, fear not. The chair features a full-size steel framework and DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on its frames on top of a two-year warranty on parts.

Respawn 900 Gaming Recliner

Image via Respawn

If you work all day in front of a computer and prefer gaming in the comfort of your living room, Respawn 900 may be the best choice for you.

The chair was essentially designed with console gamers in mind. It supports up to 275 pounds and has everything that you may want in a living room setting. 

Respawn 900 offers a cup holder, footrest, an ergonomic pillow, and a side pouch to keep your essentials close. It can also recline up to 135 degrees and is covered by Respawn’s limited lifetime warranty. Unlike the rest of the chairs on our list, Respawn 900 doesn’t have any wheels but moves around quite easily with a little bit of force.

Corsair T3 Rush

Image via Corsair

Some prefer fabric over leather because fabric breaths more and helps you keep your body temperature down. 

T3 Rush is covered with a soft fabric that supports up to 264 pounds. It’s quite an ergonomic choice since it comes with a fully adjustable neck and lumbar pillow. Adjustable armrests are also there with a 180 degrees recline to ensure a quality mid-day nap.

Even though the build quality isn’t up there with the others, because of its price, T3 Rush is still a great choice if you’re looking to get a gaming chair for the first time. It also features unique matte colors that can definitely give a different vibe to your room.

Cougar Ranger

Image via Cougar

Cougar Ranger is different from the other gaming chairs on our list since it’s actually a “Gaming Sofa.” 

It has a retro look, is covered with breathable premium PVC leather to prevent you from getting hot, and comes with a wide ergonomic pillow. The chair supports up to 352 pounds and can recline up to 160 degrees.

If you enjoy gaming in your living room with your feet in the air, this can definitely be the choice for you. But since it doesn’t have any wheels, you may have difficulties moving it around if you also have a carpet.

ASUS ROG Chariot Gaming Chair

Image via ASUS

In 2019, ASUS finally got into the gaming chair market—and easily met expectations.

Featuring a full steel frame, the ASUS ROG Chariot is one of the most well-built gaming chairs out there. It has a leatherette design combined with high-density foams to ensure resistance and maximum comfort.

The chair also comes with a 10,000 mAh battery hidden under the seat to power up its RGB light. The battery lasts for about 11 hours and the lights take your room to another level once the lights are off. The patterns and the colors of the RGB are also adjustable with a switch located under the chair.

Four-dimensional armrests are easily adjustable and memory-foam lumbar support makes sure your back stays in good shape.

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