Malena puts NMP’s discipline to the test with steak and fries during Camp Knut diet

Only three more weeks...

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Nick Polom is almost a week into his Camp Knut journey, and his girlfriend Malena is already using his diet to torture his poor soul.

Camp Knut is a month-long fitness program created by bodybuilding Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejorde in which numerous Texas-based content creators are participating. Among the most formidable parts of the experience for Polom has been the dieting aspect of it. Now in the sixth day out of 30, Polom has been consistently streaming his meal preparation, which has included cooking foods like chicken and broccoli.

Polom and Malena’s relationship on stream is very often a contentious one. The duo usually take turns picking on and hazing one another for the entertainment of viewers. So it’s no surprise that last night, Malena took Polom’s diet as an opportunity to give him a difficult time.

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Posting to Twitter last night, Malena sat at a table filled with plates of steak, fries, and soda with a caption that tagged Knut.

“I’m testing his discipline right in front of him,” she wrote. “So far so good.”

In the background of the image, Polom can be seen sitting in a hot tub attempting to recover from his workouts earlier in the day. Today on stream, Polom spent time complaining about how difficult Camp Knut training has been on his body. According to Polom, he had an inner thigh cramp that he spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to get rid of.