NMP: Sodapoppin and xQc could survive Camp Knut, but Asmongold would ‘never show up again’

"Chance has crazy resolve."

A handful of Twitch’s popular content creators that live in Texas are close to a week into a month-long fitness journey with the assistance of Norwegian body builder and streamer Knut Splildrejorde.

Dubbed Camp Knut, the event involves 30 days of workouts and dieting guided by the hulking man himself. Among the participants are Nick Polom, Mizkif, Tectone, and Cyr.

While most of the creators involved will likely lose an abundance of excess fat during the challenge, Polom said today that he would be interested to see how Camp Knut would go with a few of Twitch’s influencers that fall on the scrawner side of the spectrum.

Throwing out xQc, Sodapoppin, and Asmongold as examples, he and Malena mulled over how the trio of thin gamers would fare.

“Zach wouldn’t do it,” he said. “I don’t think Chance, and I don’t think Felix would quit during Camp Knut. I think it would be hard, but I think they would keep going. … You’d be surprised,” he said. “Chance has crazy resolve, man. He really does.” 

Malena chimed in, adding that if someone held him accountable to the camp regiment, he would follow through, but left to his own devices, he might cave. 

On the other hand, Polom had no faith in Asmongold’s ability to follow through with a 30-day workout and diet plan. Asmongold, who is notorious for his high levels of soda and fast food consumption, would likely find the camp’s dietary restrictions to be nearly impossible to follow.

Doing his best impersonation of Twitch’s most popular MMO content creator, Polom expressed how Asmongold wouldn’t last particularly long by using one of his well-known catchphrases.

“Zack would be like, ‘it is what it is, dude,’ and never show up again,” he said.