Ludwig’s stream banned from YouTube days after changing platform

The stream came to an abrupt end due to copyright infringement.

Image via Ludwig

Over the past week, Ludwig has made headlines as he became the latest of Twitch’s biggest stars to make the jump over to YouTube. Just days after this transition, though, Ludwig has been restricted from streaming on the platform.

While Ludwig was live watching videos with around 25,000 viewers, his stream came to an abrupt end. Those who tried to watch the stream got an error claiming that the stream was unavailable and had been “suspended for policy violations.” Shortly after this was brought to his attention, Ludwig ended his stream and has not been live since.

Shortly after his stream came to an end, Ludwig uploaded a video to his second channel explaining why he had been restricted from streaming on YouTube. He saw the humor in the situation and explained while he was live that he was checking out the 50 “most classic” videos on the platform and stumbled upon Baby Shark, the children’s song.

“I listened to a few seconds of Baby Shark. I’m pretty sure the corporate overlords that own Baby Shark have like an iron fist over YouTube, and so they took me down,” Ludwig said. “Apparently DMCA is going to be a little bit more of a concern than I had originally imagined. I thought what would happen is because of YouTube’s robust copyright ID system, they would let me play copyrighted stuff, they would then flag it, they would take the monetization from the livestream, and we just split it. Classic rev-share.”

Ludwig explained that the situation would be a learning experience and he expects to be back live on stream on the weekend. For now, you can still check out videos on Ludwig’s channel, but you likely won’t see him live in the immediate future.