Ludwig tops Twitch with subathon stream

And he's still going.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Ludwig’s “subathon” stream, which has now surpassed a full week straight of broadcasting, has catapulted his channel to the top of Twitch.

With 5.9 million hours watched in the past week, according to stats acquired by SullyGnome, Ludwig beat out xQc as the most-watched channel on Twitch. The former Overwatch League pro had 5.57 million hours watched in the past seven days.

Screengrab via SullyGnome

Since the beginning of Ludwig’s stream that started just after 4pm CT on Sunday, March 14, his channel has broadcast more than 186 hours.

In total, his stream has generated 7.3 million hours watched with an average of just more than 40,000 viewers.

While xQc didn’t stream while he slept, his 75 hours of airtime in the past seven days was nothing to scoff at. Even more impressive were his 73,825 viewers across that time frame.

Ludwig’s subathon hasn’t been without complications, though. Without knowing that his event would last as long as it has, Ludwig made multiple plans for sponsored streams this past week. 

In particular, one activation that he did with Firehouse Subs resulted in viewers being gifted subscriptions to Ludwig’s channel by the sandwich quick service restaurant. 

Based on the rules laid out at the beginning of the subathon, those gifted subs in turn helped to extend the length of the stream.

Screengrab via SullyGnome

Overall, Ludwig has spent 47 hours on stream without a listed category. While he’s been sleeping, he’s moved the stream from being in any category.

During his subathon, Ludwig’s channel has had more airtime and hours watched in no category than he’s had in any category. That’s right, Ludwig’s most-watched content during his subathon has been of him sleeping.

His most-watched and streamed category has been Just Chatting with 41 hours of airtime and 1.6 million hours watched. Just below that, Ludwig has spent 38 hours playing Super Mario Odyssey with a total of 1.5 million hours watched.