How long has Ludwig’s Subathon been live on Twitch?

It's almost been a full week now.

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Ludwig’s “Subathon” stream has gained attention across Twitch as the content creator broadcasts his entire life while thousands of people subscribe to his channel.

From working out to sleeping, every moment of Ludwig’s life for the past week has been on stream.

The subathon concept started with Ludwig putting a 30-minute timer up on his stream that represented the end of his stream. Anytime people subscribed to his channel or donated bits, time would be added as the timer naturally ticked down. 

Instead of the timer going down, however, the clock for his stream has only sky rocketed as people subscribe to his stream, making the broadcast a true marathon.

Ludwig’s subathon started at 4:23pm CT on Sunday, March 14.

Since then, Ludwig’s entire life has been live on Twitch the past 27 full days (more than 688 hours). At the time of publishing this piece, Ludwig’s timer to end the stream sits at just more than three hours remaining.

Ludwig has set a 31-day cap to his Subathon.

This story will be updated daily with numbers that reflect the length of Ludwig’s subathon as well as the time remaining on his stream timer.