Ludwig predicts how Mizkif’s Twitch career will play out after CrazySlick ‘cover up’ claims

The Mogul gives his take on the Mizkif drama that blew up yesterday.

Screengrab via Mogul Mail on YouTube

The latest controversy that has struck the Twitch community is of a more serious note than the ones circulating the past two weeks on the platform. Trainwrecks’ allegations of Mizkif “covering up” sexual assaults for CrazySlick has earned the latter suspension from OTK while a third party will investigate the matter.

Despite receiving backlash, Mizkif might soon return to streaming on the platform, as predicted by Ludwig in his latest Mogul Mail video

Ludwig believes that Mizkif has a lot of owning up to do but he might never be “canceled unless he’s de-platformed.” 

“You were never truly canceled as long as you keep creating content, and why would he [Mizkif] ever stop creating content? Because Miz truly lives for streaming, so I don’t expect for him to disappear,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig feels that Mizkif’s leave of absence will continue until the heat on him dies down a bit. Due to his popularity, there will still be an audience present when he marks his return to streaming a few weeks later.

But not everything will be pretty when he comes back. 

“He has to deal with this, which will last for the rest of his life,” Ludwig said. “A lot of people, maybe even more people that follow him and more people that watch him, will always think of him as someone who either protected a sexual assaulter or is someone who is racist or homophobic. That’s the reality that he’ll have to live with, which I think is deserved for what he did.”

With Mizkif apologizing for his actions and comments, Ludwig also said that the OTK co-founder will return to streaming as if nothing had happened because “that’s usually how it goes.” He feels that the chances of Mizkif getting canceled are close to none unless he gets de-platformed, which is highly unlikely.