Ludwig just did a New York Times Square billboard reveal like no other

Nothing even comes close.

Photo via Ludwig on Instagram

Hiring billboards to advertise themselves and their products has become a growing trend among streamers across Twitch and YouTube—and there’s no better location for doing that than Times Square in New York City.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter did it to reveal her new clothing line, Dr Disrespect did it to reveal his new game, and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins even broadcasted a stream on there on New Year’s Eve.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, has done a Times Square billboard reveal like the one YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren just did.

The madman hired a billboard to advertise a product he made for the sole purpose of cleaning your butt. It has a picture of him squatting with a toilet seat around his neck.

It follows an announcement he made in October. For whatever reason, Ludwig had been secretly making his own bidet for over a year. This culminated in the creation of Swipe and Swipe+, which he described as a “the greatest bidet ever crafted by man.”

Bidets can be separate bowls placed alongside toilets, or an attachment placed inside a toilet. They’re a common bathroom feature in European, Eastern Asian, and some South American countries.

Ludwig wants to popularize them in the U.S, and he’s dead serious about it.

Image via Swipe

The Swipe is a fully-functional bidet with front and rear nozzles that anyone can install themselves under an existing toilet seat for $50. It doesn’t need to be booked up to a power outlet, either. 

The Swipe+ is an even fancier beast. It has a remote control, a self-cleaning nozzle that can be repositioned, adjustable temperature, an automatic deodorizer, and more. But it costs ten times the price.

Even if the thought of using a bidet doesn’t tickle your fancy, the fact Ludwig hired a billboard in an iconic tourist location to advertise them was a hilarious move.


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