Ludwig hits one million subs on YouTube, gaining over 200,000 in December

Collaboration and gambling really pushed Ludwig to new heights.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren has exploded as a content creator over the course of 2020. His most recent achievement is hitting his end-of-year goal today by reaching one million subscribers on YouTube. 

Earlier this year, it didn’t look like he’d reach this goal despite uploading daily videos. But a recent surge in viewership and subscribers has pushed him over that threshold after his subscriber count jumped more than 381 percent in the last 30 days. 

Ludwig started December with around 774,000 subscribers and was gaining an average of around 5,000 subscribers per day heading into the final month of the year, according to Social Blade analytics. But from Dec. 7 onward, that average skyrocketed, with his lowest total subs gained in a single day being 12,000 on Dec. 10. 

Screengrab via Social Blade

On multiple days, Ludwig saw his subscriber number jump up by more than 20,000, with his biggest day to date being a 28,000 gain on Dec. 12, which pushed him past 900,000. Between Dec. 7 and 14, he gained more than 99,000 subscribers in total. 

He also saw his numbers increase on Twitch, going from averaging between 10,000 and 17,000 viewers per stream in September, October, and November to having more than 20,000 average viewers on almost every stream in December. His channel broke one million followers on Dec. 7 after streaming part of his Pokémon Week content lineup to an average of 62,665, according to Twitchmetrics.

A lot of his growth over the last several months can be attributed to several factors, including his Twitch stream expanding, continued collaboration with other big creators, and his willingness to try new forms of content out both live and for his YouTube channel. 

Recently, he’s started making Minecraft content on a server featuring dozens of creators like the OfflineTV crew, Sykkuno, and more, along with his usual mix of Among Us and personality-driven videos. He even recorded and published an entire Christmas album just to make good on a joke from earlier this year. 

He’s even about to host a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3: Charity Edition, which will feature a prize pool that’s quickly approaching $100,000. It will feature almost every top Melee player competing for charity in protest of Nintendo shutting down The Big House Online with a cease and desist last month. 

That event will run on Dec. 19 and 20, with the qualifiers being hosted live during the 5 Days of Melee charity event that’s going on now.