Ludwig explains why he left Twitch for YouTube Gaming

“I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street.”

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Earlier today, Ludwig announced he would be leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube.

Following the announcement, Ludwig shared some insight into how he came to the decision that leaving Twitch would be the right thing to do for his career. Ludwig said that although YouTube offered more money than Twitch initially, he was inclined to renew his contract with Twitch.

After some more pondering and some questionable decision-making antics like flipping a coin, Ludwig was still leaning towards Twitch. As he explains, when he called the team at YouTube to decline their offer, he realized that they were more inclined to “fight” for him and work around his goals.

“I realized at that moment that even though I’ve been with Twitch for three-plus years, even though people call me the golden boy of Twitch, I’ve never felt like the golden boy of Twitch,” Ludwig said. “I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street.”

The streamer explained that during his time on Twitch he never felt “wanted” and that even after his massively successful subathon stream, no one at Twitch reached out to offer congratulations.

During negotiations, Ludwig also approached Twitch to see if it would come to the table with a better offer. That wasn’t the case, according to Ludwig, and he said Twitch wished him luck with YouTube

One of the main factors in making the decision to move to YouTube is that the platform would also allow Ludwig to stream fewer hours per month. He said that this will give him more time to work on content.

Ludwig said his YouTube channel will be running a new extension that will allow for a seamless transition in platforms bringing over viewers’ Twitch names and the emotes previously available on Twitch. You can check out the full clip here.

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