Lost Ark and Ironmouse headline a down month of overall viewership for Twitch in February

February is always on a decline, but Twitch saw a few bright spots.

Image via Splitgate

February is typically a down month across all content platforms because, due to there being three fewer days than January, the total viewership numbers in terms of hours always see a fairly distinct decline. 

This decline saw Twitch dip back under two billion total hours watched for the month once again, though its totals were still higher than in November or December 2021. Facebook Gaming saw a much more noticeable decline, dropping well off of its record-setting January perch of 600 million hours watched, according to Rainmaker, StreamElements’ analytics partner.

Image via StreamElements

Twitch did have some notable viewership metrics in February, with the platform getting its first Vtuber featured in the top 10 creators on the platform. 

Ironmouse held a subathon that lasted almost the entire month of February and saw her break into the top 10 streamers on Twitch, settling in at eighth with around seven million total hours watched. She was also the first woman to reach 100,000 subscribers on the platform, becoming one of the most subscribed channels of all time, too. 

Image via StreamElements

XQc remained atop his Twitch throne, once again pulling in more than 20 million hours watched. He, however, faced intense competition in the form of Asmongold, who returned from an extended four-month absence and claimed the second spot on the back of mostly Lost Ark

Image via StreamElements

Lost Ark also surged in the streaming world, with Amazon Games’ latest release pulling in 143 million hours watched, surpassed only by Just Chatting’s 257 million hours watched across all of Twitch. Elden Ring made an appearance in the top 10, taking the eighth spot over the likes of Fortnite and Dota 2 with 57 million hours watched despite only launching officially on Feb. 25.